1.2M US gallons per day Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant


Project Sponsor - Bermuda Government
Main Contractor - Consolidated Water (Bermuda) Ltd.
Project Cost: $14M

The Tynes Bay SWRO Facility is the largest publicly owned RO plant in Bermuda with a capacity of 600,000 US Gallons per day (2.28 million litres per day). ROCONSERVICES was contracted by Consolidated Water Company Ltd. to design and project manage the construction of the plant. ROCONSERVICES responsibilities included: the design of the facility, project management, mechanical installation, electrical supervision, sub-contract management, control philosophy, abstraction well design and construction, client liaison, financial management, utility management, construction management, Reliability Centred Maintenance schedule (RCM) and commissioning. Through careful design and equipment specification ROCONSERVICES was able to construct a highly efficient plant which produces a 1000 US Gallons of potable water delivered to the reservoir for less than 15kWh of electricity.

ROCONSERVICES conducted the expansion project. This included a design phase and the doubling of capacity, at a project cost of a further $3M. The expansion required management in tandem of the current train whilst designing and installing the new train.