Service and Maintenance of Two 125,000 USgpd Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plants

Port Royal Golf course, is one of the most prestigious golf courses in the World hosting the Grand Slam PGA tour.

The Seawater Desalination Plant comprises two containerized RO plants designed and built by ITT. The plant produces water to maintain levels in the courses irrigation lakes. The capacity of the plant is 260,000 US Gallons per day (1.18 million litres per day). ROCONSERVICES installed the plant to minimise visual and noise impact to the golf course and the surrounding area. ROCONSERVICES is retained by Port Royal Golf Course as consulting engineers and we maintain the plant on a long-term basis.

Bermuda boasts some of the most breathtaking golf views in the world with the backdrop of pristine oceanic waters. ROCONSERVICES captures the seawater at depth; designing and building the process to enable golf courses such as Port Royal Golf Course to have usable, high quality water.